Foodlee is on Dine by Wix Mobile App

Updated: Aug 31

We know we are on your minds. However, we also want to be on your mobile phones. Hence, we are on the Dine by Wix mobile app. Please click here to install the app and be the first one to hear any announcements from us. The app is supported on both iPhone and Android phones. If the app asks for an invite code, it is 3Y9X8T

How to use the app

When you open the app you will asked to create an account. You can do so by signing up with your google account or creating a new account with email and password. This will help you track your orders, save your delivery address and preferred payment methods. Once done, the home page will look as below:

App home page

Click on the Foodlee tab to enter the Foodlee home page or you directly go the menu by clicking Order Now button.

Foodlee Home Page

Click on the Order Now button to see our menu and place the order


Click on a dish to see the details and add it to the cart.

Dish details

Click "Add to Order" to add it to your cart

Added to cart

Once added it will appear in your cart on the top right corner

Cart Top Right

Click on the cart to checkout your order and enter the delivery details

Checkout page

You can change the delivery address and time by click in the Change button in the Order. Method section

Delivery details page

Click Done to the Payment page

Payment page

Click Next to place the order

Order Confirmation

You can check our order history by click on the Account tab on the bottom on the page.

To share Foodlee with your friends click on the +Invite button on the Foodlee home page.

We hope you like our app and have pleasant experience placing an order on it.

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