Guilt-free Indulgence With A Positive Environmental Impact

What is the definition of the guilt-free indulgence that Foodlee provides? A major part of this is the healthy, low-calorie home-cooked food made with less oil & fat. However, it also stretches beyond that into the environmental impact that we create. Today we focus on the impact that YOU & US have together, made on this planet.

1. Eco-friendly Containers

By using eco-friendly containers we have

  • Offset 210kg of Carbon

  • Avoided 92kg of Plastic, that would otherwise end up in oceans or landfills.

  • Supported tree planting.

We thank you in supporting us and being patient with us in using the eco-friendly containers

2. Composting

Every weekend, we produce a bucket worth or around 7-8kgs of kitchen scraps from various vegetable peels and roots. For this approximation, we can say that 1 dry ton of food waste will decompose and produce 65 kg of methane (CH4) if it ends up in landfill. We compost our kitchen waste, to be used as fertilizer for our plants and by doing so on an average we avoid producing 0.52kg of methane gas and generate ~2kg of compost every week.

3. Solar Energy

In Australia, each kWh of electricity generated from conventional sources creates approximately 1kg of CO. We have a 10kW Solar panel on our roof and we do most of our grinding & prep work during the day and use this solar energy. We do not have calculations on how much energy is being used, but you get the point 😃

What's next?

The process of reducing our environmental impact is never ending. There is a lot more improvements that we intend to do in future, like using electric vehicles for delivery, purchasing produce directly from farmers to reduce the packing wastage, etc. We will keep you posted on the updates.

🙏 Thanking all our customers once again for your continued support 🙏

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