Reflections on a month in operation

7th May 2021 - This was the day we launched Foodlee in the Hornsby region.

Why did we start Foodlee?

Most recently at the beginning of the year, both me and my wife, were looking at a lifestyle change when it came to food habits and as part of that we realised that Indian food if prepared with the right ingredients and the right amount of it, is healthy. With the pandemic requiring most of us to work from home and putting the work & life out of balance, there is hardly any time left to cook food and the restaurant options available aren't healthy for regular consumption.

We wanted to fill this gap and bring happiness to our surrounding suburbs, by providing low calorie Indian food that is visually appealing as well as pleasing for the taste buds. Hence, we call our food #healthytasty.

Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness" -Auguste Escoffier

What have we learnt in this one month?

On 7th June 2021, we completed one month in operation. With no experience in running a food business, we made a few mistakes and learnt from it. We had our hits & we had our misses. Overall, we have had a steep learning curve.

Customers are our greatest asset:

This is something that we did not have to learn but is a well known fact. However, what we have learnt is that being open about our mistakes and treating the customers with respect results in gaining the customer's confidence, which is key to any business. A happy customer brings in more happy customers.

If you like your food so will your customers:

The advice that Gordon Ramsay keeps giving in his shows is "Always taste your food". If we don't like the taste of our food, our customers will not too. We have been putting our food through multiple rounds of tasting before it is good to be served to our customers.

Freshness is the key to healthy food:

Food loses its nutrition over time and is at its best when fresh. Fresh produce is packed with nutrition, has the right texture and tastes better. Hence, the food used in our cooking does not come out of a freezer. We make small daily purchases of fresh produce to preserve the freshness.

Final Notes:

As Foodlee completes a month, we want to take this opportunity to thank all our customers whose feedback have been our main source of inspiration and encouragement, our friends & family, without whose support we couldn't have done this. We request your continued support going forward and ask you to share the word with your friends and acquaintances, so that we can bring smiles on more faces.

Ramya & Kiran.

Team Foodlee

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